Important Notice for Registered New York State Vendors
Regarding Tax Exemption at Estate Sales

If you are a registered New York State sales tax vendor, and wish to make a tax exempt purchase at any of our estate
sales, you must provide the cashier with a properly completed, typed/printed Resale Certificate (ST-120).  
A separate
Resale Certificate must be presented at each and every sale location, each week, every week.

For security and audit purposes, we will not retain a Blanket Certificate or look-up list with your name/tax ID number.

If you are unable to provide a properly completed Resale Certificate at any of our sales we must collect sales tax from
you for State and County governments.

Helpful Hints To Speed Process:

  • Make Multiple Copies -- Complete one Resale Certificate, except for signature and date sections, and make
    multiple copies. Sign and date your pre-completed copy at check out at each sale location. (If you forget to bring
    a form with you our cashier will provide you with one.)

  • Completing Form  -- You must type or print responses on the Resale Certificate. Cursive writing is not
    acceptable and the form will be rejected by our cashier.

    1) Name of Purchaser
    2) Street Address
    3) City, State and Zipcode
    4) Place an 'X' in the 'Single Use Certificate' box.
    5) Under 'Purchaser Information' section complete either Part 1 or Part 2
    6) At bottom of form complete the Certification Section.
    7) Include your telephone number, including area code, in the blank space below your signature.

  • The Resale Certificate (ST-120) is available online. You may complete the form online and print multiple copies
    of page 1.  Find the form at:
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Information for Registered NYS Vendors
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