Thanks to Kay and all her helpers for a great job done. Could not have done it without you.
Tom and Alice


Thank you so much Kay.  Please know how pleased I was with the estate sale.  Your employees worked very hard
setting up and pricing and it certainly showed.  It was so impressive how nice everything was displayed.  Brian was very
nice and handled the sale extremely professional [sic].  Thank you again for a tough task made so much easier.  I will
highly recommend your company.  

Much appreciation,
Cathy Sommer


We received the check . Thank you.  We were very satisfied with the results of the estate sale and were very pleased with
the professional and efficient way it was handled...thanks again.  

T. Botticelli


Dear  Sales By George,

Mike and I received the package today, and we are very pleased, to put it mildly.

We really didn't anticipate such a  good return, and we thank all of you and your crew for handling everything so  
professionally.  I would definitely recommend your company to anyone in need of an estate sale.

Again, thank you and God Bless.

Ann and Michael Rossiter


Again, many thanks for a great sale.  

Lexington Avenue, Buffalo NY


A very special Thank You. We are glad that everything went well with the sale. If there ever comes a time when we need
another Estate Sale, we know who to call. Best of luck in the future.

Best Regards,
Frank and Cathy Fabozzi


Dear Kay and all the Sales By George Personnel--

My family wants to thank you heartily for your handling of the estate sale of our mother's furniture and belongings. You
made the whole event easy and trouble-free. Your professionalism and expertise facilitated the sale of the items and
gave us peace of mind with the entire process. Even more than that, we want to thank you for your courtesies and
kindnesses in overseeing the transactions and making this a smooth and easy experience.

Tom and Deb


We received the sales information and check .Thank you very much for the excellent job you did.  We are very impressed
with the detailed accounting.  Your timely estate sale and arranging for a clean-up of the house facilitated the quick
closing of the house sale.




I cannot put in words the appreciation my family and I have for all the hard work you did in handling my mother, June
Kobus's, estate liquidation. The staff did a fantastic job of displaying her enormous inventory of items.

All of your employees were very professional and personable.  They handled every item with class and dignity.

I just wanted the whole team to know that your efforts were truly appreciated by the entire family. This was painful
enough losing my mother but having you guys handle the estate, which she specifically specified she wanted you
to do, made it so much easier to get through.  

Thanks on behalf of the Kobus family!!!!!!
Terrence Kobus


Thanks to all of your crew, if we are not talking to you before, have a wonderful Christmas, and Happy, healthy New Year.
PS:  One of our stops today was to the lawyer, and we told her we were very happy with dealing with you. She
recommended you.

Pete & Marg Allard


Thank you for a great job! I will definitely recommend you folks!

Gary B. , Peter St., Buffalo


Just wanted to thank you and your staff, for all your hard work in getting Queens Dr. up and running.  It was amazing how
the house was turned into an appealing venue and the sales that resulted from it.  We were amazed at the success of
the sale and would not hesitate recommending your services to other people.

Once again thank you.

Paula M.  


My wife and I were planning a move from Buffalo to Sarasota and wondered how to accomplish it. We had accumulated
a fair amount of “treasures” along with furnishings and knick-knacks, enough to fill a 3,000+ sq. ft. home. We contacted
“Sales By George” and found the solution. An associate came to our house and assured us that Sales By George could
sell the entire contents in a two day sale. They were able to do just that. Their staff controlled traffic (considerable),
ensured the house was not damaged in any way by the moving of furniture and presented our belongings in the best
possible manner.  We could not have done it without them and highly recommend their services.

Ron & Ellen Lochead


This is a note of thanks for your complete services at the recent Estate Sale you conduced on Bame Avenue.

You made the entire process very easy and worry free. We were particularly impressed with the way your entire staff
elicited such respect and genuine care of the possessions of our family member during both the preparation and actual
time of the sale.  At the conclusion of the sale the house was clean and pick up was timely.

Again, thank you for your premium service and know that we would not hesitate to recommend “Sales By George” to

Art and Mary


I am at a loss for words to let you know our gratitude for all you and your wonderful team of “Angels” did at my Mom’s
house on Westgate in Kenmore !  I have never seen a harder group of workers than you and your staff!  You all earned
the money you made and so much more!  

There was 67 years of accumulation in her house.  My sister and I were dreading the day for years when we would have
to clean out the house so it could be sold.  We didn’t even have a clue as to where to start and felt embarrassed with all
the stuff in the house!  You were recommended to us and much to our surprise, you agreed to take on the task and do
the estate sale for us.  You and your team not only unpacked many boxes of “stuff”, set everything up beautifully,
respectfully and non-judgmentally, but also gave me much more than that - you gave me emotional and moral support.  
You stepped up and took care of a few problems we encountered, because I didn’t have the faintest idea of how to fix
them, which you didn’t have to do.  

If you ever need a reference, please call on me.  You all are true Blessings from God.  Thank you from the bottom of my
heart for all you did – I will never forget you!    



Your knowledge, amiability, and professionalism were apparent from your first visit to our house. During the staging,
pricing and selling your honesty and efficiency were so appreciated.  We can't thank you enough and your fabulous
team.  Everything went so smoothly and the proceeds from the sale were significantly higher than we expected. Working
with you and "the gang" was a pleasure and we thank you again from the bottom of our heart.

Karla & Jim


Just wanted to let you know I received my package today and was quite pleasantly surprised.  I knew a lot of "little stuff"
had sold, but didn't think it would add up the way it did.

As I mentioned tby phone, I am very pleased with how this all worked out.  I will recommend you to anyone in need of an
estate sale.

I sincerely thank you all for everything you did for me!

Vera H.


We have failed abjectly in promptly expressing our gratitude for all your efforts on our behalves. Although it is never too
late to say thank you, we can only sincerely hope you agree that it is never too late to accept heartfelt gratitude from tardy
individuals like us.

You and your team, on the other hand, succeeded brilliantly in accomplishing exactly what we needed, actually more
than we believed was even possible. Your professionalism, expertise, tireless efforts, kindness, concern and empathy
are without parallel. You made a situation that we found absolutely overwhelming, not only manageable (after all, you
handled everything), but we actually enjoyed our entire association. Because of all your connections and extra effort, the
proceeds from the sale went beyond our expectations and startled our estate lawyer who had recommended someone
else to handle the sale.

Please accept our gratitude – it is not a shallow and hasty thing. It has improved like fine wine with the passage of time,
developing deep and richly nuanced overtones.

Thank you.


Frank and Judy Krauza


Thanks for doing such a great job on Zimmerman St

J. Z.


I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the very professional and very complete estate sale of my mom’s home.

As the only son, I had the burden of moving her to California to be closer to me We needed to liquidate over 30 years of
accumulations in her single family residence. You were referred to us by another very satisfied family member.

As a business owner, I appreciated your sincere professionalism and your time-tested business plan. As a son I
appreciated your caring approach with my mom.

Yes, the estate sale sold almost everything in the home. For that we are financially thankful. The prices charged were
certainly fair and appropriate. The prompt payment, complete with sales receipts, was sent to us as agreed.

The best part for me was that my mom got to leave her home intact and never went through the trauma of watching her
life’s memories being sold.

Please feel free to use me as a business reference to highly recommend & endorse your services to anyone
considering using “”


Thomas Franks


I, like most, anticipate that an estate sale is a once in a life time thing. Not knowing how to go about it, but realizing that it
was more than a garage sale, talked to my realtor, who recommended Sales By George. And I am glad he did.

Since the first initial conversation to the post sale settlement, the excellent crew were absolutely phenomenal. Sales By
George sorted through and priced everything; displayed the items in an attractive manner, and worked tirelessly to make
the two days very successful. For a solid seven hours two days in a row, staff was professional, humorous and just a joy
to be around. They were very patient with my questions and explained every little thing to me, since I really had no idea
what to expect.

My only regret is that I don't have enough things left to have another estate sale!

L. Adamczyk


We cannot say enough how appreciative and pleased we are with the services provided by Sales by George and his
staff. They were organized, efficient, and very pleasurable to work with.  The final clean out and clean up of the house by
Chuck was beyond our expectations.

Sales By George proved to us that it is completely trustworthy throughout the entire business transaction.  Thank you!

Judy and Gary Lane


Good Morning,

Well, I have finally recovered enough to give you my thoughts on the OUTSTANDING job you and your team have done. I
did not know where to begin in the liquidation process and was recommended to contact Sales By George. It is without
a doubt a caring, knowledgeable, and thorough company. It is an all-star team of employees that just make it happen. I
was in a crunch to move my mother's belongings out of her apt in a short time frame, Sales By George accomplished
this and had the items ready for sale within 10 days. The care they took in moving the belongings, were as if they were
their own. I dealt with Connie and other staff and to all of you a Great Big THANK YOU!!! from the bottom of my heart. I
could not have done this without you. You and your team have set the bar high for others to try to mimic, but trust me
there are no others I would recommend. May you all stay blessed in what you do. You have taken a difficult situation and
turned it into a wonderful experience. Thank you again for what you are doing each and every day. I will now be a tireless
advocate for Sales By George!!!

Jeffrey M.Hochmuth


The packet with receipts and check arrived. Thank you.  So professional.

What a wonderful experience, working with you and your team.  It was the catalyst for Bob accepting realities and start to
work with them. You brought a lot more than an estate sale.  Maybe a little magic??



I contracted with you guys based on the excellent results you achieved back in 2003 with my mom's property on Broad
Street in the City of Tonawanda. That sale went well and the majority of her things were disposed of and the house was
left broom clean and ready to show.

My wife's sudden passing in January left me and the kids with the sad task of sorting through personal items and
household goods, all of which held different memories for us. Again with this sale, I was very pleased with the way the
items were displayed and priced and the significant effort put into advertising the sale including your website. Foot and
car traffic was extremely high both Friday and Saturday and that resulted in a majority of the items for sale being sold.

I and my children were very happy with the entire process and kudos to the two of you and your staff for the excellent job
done I have already passed your name and contact information onto several others who are interested in conducting
similar sales.


John Heimback


Just can't thank you enough for a "Terrific Job Well Done!"  We thought the Estate Sale was going to be a horrendous job
- but you and your people just came in and like "magic" everything just came together with such efficiency, we were just
amazed.  Everyone's professionalism and wonderful sense of humor made an over-whelming problem into a pleasant
experience.  Thank you again.         

Dale and Nancy
Bullis Road, Elma, NY


I received the packet with the receipts and the check today for the sale you ran on Shimmerville Rd. in Amherst.   I want
to thank you for the successful sale and leaving the house ready for the new owner.  My real estate agent said it looked
great.  I feel fortunate to have found you and was impressed  how professionally the sale was conducted.

C. Schatz


I wanted to write a reference for your website.  Here it is.

Having an estate sale to sell my parents belongings was a very difficult undertaking for me.  Being an only child, living in
the same house with my parents from birth, and moving upstairs when I married made this even more difficult.  A friend
recommended  Sales by George.  I called and set the date.  The staff was wonderful.  They also received more than they
bargained for (seeing is believing).  They worked relentlessly for days to prepare the sale.  They were all very
professional, caring individuals which helped tremendously.  After the sale, which went very well, ... Sales By George  
recommended Chuck.  I called Chuck and he too worked relentlessly to clear the rest of the items,...Chuck left the house
empty and clean.  I have decided to sell the house and move on with my life.

Thank all of you from the bottom of my heart.

Judy B. Buffalo


I wanted to send over a heartfelt thank you for all the hard work you did on the estate sale last week and weekend. It was
a extremely stressful time with everything going on with settling the issues with that house and dealing with my family
and I absolutely appreciate all you guys did. You are all true professionals and each of you have big hearts.

I wish you much success and happiness in all your future endeavors.

Thank you again,
Tom Urbanski (Jane Drive - Cheektowaga)


We received the information and check today.  Thank you very much, everyone in your firm did a great job and we would
recommend you to anyone!

Ed H.


On behalf of the patients and families of Niagara Hospice, thank you for once again donating your time and expertise to
the Summit 's Antique Appraisal Night. Because of your participation and generosity with your time, Niagara Hospice
was able to receive 100% of the night's proceeds.

Thank You Once Again!


What can I say... Sales By George is a real treasure.



Thank you so much for handling our mom's estate in such a professional manner. Should your travels bring you to
Chicago, give me a call. I'll spring for lunch.


Thank you for a truly outstanding estate sale experience. I am utterly amazed at the professionalism your team exhibited
and the very profitable results.

I initially intended to donate most of what you sold to charitable organizations, yet I could not find even one that was
willing to do any work to remove the $1000s of dollars of stuff in the attic and basement. They told me that if I sorted,
boxed and carried everything to the 1st floor, they would pick the goods up.

Sales By George was a God send. You took one look at the massive amount of goods in the attic and calmly told me
that you would have your team take care of everything. I would have to do nothing and pay nothing. You also told me that
you work on commission and that I would be receiving a big check in return.

Wow, the after-the-sale check handed to me exceeded my expectations significantly.

Thank you also for handing out my, "House for Sale" flyers. I immediately started receiving calls about the house and set
three appointments with the most interested parties. All three made full price offers and the house is now happily sold.

Your after the sale clean up crew was also outstanding. They liquidated everything that did not sell and thoroughly
cleaned my house. The house is now completely ready for the new owners to move in and I had to do nothing at all.

Again thank your for the truly outstanding service.

Jim Hageman


I wanted to let you know we finally sold the house.... It was"tuff"(sic) but now it's done so thank god we had great people
like you helping us out. We couldn't have done it without you...many thanks again.

Jerry Z. (Ranch Trail)


I highly recommend "Sales By George". ...An extremely professional crew... who presented everything professionally. The
sales crew also did a great job. Overall they did a great job. I would call them again if I need this service.

C.B., Lancaster, NY

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